Welcome to FTI Ltd’s E-Commerce Fluid Fittings Shop where from 40,000+ items we hope to able to look after all of your workshop and consumable requirements.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for or require any further product information or data sheets please let us know, our customer service and technical team are always very willing to help.

FTI Ltd were formed in 2000 and are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of Instrumentation Products and Services. We pride ourselves in offering high quality products and competitive prices supported by excellent technical and customer support.

We specialise in the supply of the following products:

  • Ham-Let Valves & Fittings

  • Stainless Steel and Soft Tubes

  • Gas Arc Gas Regulators

  • Gas Control Panels

  • Flexible PTFE and Stainless Steel Lined Flexible Hoses

  • Vacuum Pumps

  • Vacuum Chambers

  • Vacuum Components

  • Bespoke Control Panels

  • Manufactured Components

  • Sub-Assemblies

  • Special Gases

You can find out more about FTI Ltd by visiting our main company website

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