ITM Metric & Imperial Compression

Tubing Nut Metric

Tubing Nut Imperial

Tubing Sleeve Metric

Tubing Sleeve Imperial

Universal Tubing Sleeve Metric

Universal Tubing Sleeve Imperial

Tubing Plug Metric

Tubing Plug Imperial

Straight Male Adaptor Metric BSPT

Straight Male Adaptor Imperial BSPT

Straight Male Adaptor Metric BSPP

Straight Male Adaptor Imperial BSPP

Straight Adaptor Metric

Straight Adaptor Imperial

Nipple Adaptor Tube Male to BSPT Male Metric

Nipple Adaptor Tube Male to BSPT Male Imperial

Reducing Connector Metric

Reducing Connector Imperial

Nipple Adaptor Tube Male to BSP Female Metric

Nipple Adaptor Tube Male to BSP Female Imperial

Inch To Metric Tube Adaptor

Nipple Connector Metric

Nipple Connector Imperial

Straight Connector Metric

Straight Connector Imperial

Bulkhead Connector Metric

Bulkhead Connector Imperial

Locknut Metric

Locknut NP Metric

Locknut BSPP

Locknut NP BSPP

Male Elbow Adaptor Metric

Male Elbow Adaptor Imperial

Female Elbow Adaptor Metric

Female Elbow Adaptor Imperial

Elbow Connector Metric

Elbow Connector Imperial

Bracketed Elbow Metric

Bracketed Elbow Imperial

Stem Elbow Connector Metric

Stem Elbow Connector Imperial

Universal Stem Elbow Imperial

Male Tee Adaptor Metric

Male Tee Adaptor Imperial

Male Run Tee Adaptor Metric

Male Run Tee Adaptor Imperial

Tee Connector Metric

Tee Connector Imperial

Bracketed Tee Metric

Bracketed Tee Imperial

Stem Tee Connector Metric

Stem Tee Connector Imperial

Stem Run Tee Connector Metric

Stem Run Tee Connector Imperial

Universal Stem Tee Imperial

Y Connector Metric

Y Connector Imperial

Four Way Connector Metric

Four Way Connector Imperial

Nippled Stem Connector Metric

Nippled Stem Connector Imperial

Straight Stem Adaptor Metric

Straight Stem Adaptor Imperial

Stem (Stand Pipe) x Hosetail Adaptor Metric

Stem (Stand Pipe) x Hosetail Adaptor Imperial

Single Side 4 Output Manifold Metric

Single Side 4 Output Manifold Imperial

Connector Block Metric

Connector Block Imperial

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